How Sortext Boosted Ecommerce Sales of a Leading DIY Merchant

Converting first-time visitors into customers is one of the greatest challenges for online retailers. As a unique tool designated to transform the very first visitors to ecommerce sites into customers, here is how Sortext significantly increased the ecommerce revenues of a leading DIY merchant.

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By Sortext

A DIY Merchant Growing Fast and Smart

DIY-X (*) is a leading DIY (do-it-yourself) retailer in Eastern Europe, with ambitions to dominate both the online and offline markets.

The company aimed to achieve its goal by significantly increasing the number of items available on its webshop, expanding its online presence, and improving online sales. DIY-X also required a scalable, efficient, and user-friendly automated ecommerce conversion platform to help the company convert more of its 4 million monthly online visitors into paying customers.

DIY-X chose Sortext for its ecommerce initiative after researching and testing several ecommerce conversion tools. Sortext's scalability, ease of use, transparent reporting, performance-based pricing, and exceptional performance in converting first-time visitors into customers were all factors in the company's decision.

About Sortext

Sortext is an AI-based ecommerce conversion platform for first-time visitors. Sortext boosts the conversion of first-time visitors to your web store and thus significantly increases your average order values (+15%), conversion rates (+15%), and revenues (+20%) without technical change or additional investment!

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A Growth Story with No Extra Investment

Sortext started contributing significantly to the company's average order values, conversion rates, and revenues as soon as the 14-day free trial on DIY-X's web store began. As a result, DIY-X and Sortext agreed to continue working together after the trial period ended. Here are the outcomes and key performance indicators from their first month of collaboration.

Selective Targeting of First-Time Visitors

DIY-X had 3.67 million ecommerce visitors in the first month of collaboration. During this time, Sortext targeted 220 thousand first-time visitors (6.01%), offering them limited-time personalized deals based on their spending power as they attempted to leave the site without making a purchase. Sortext, on the other hand, did not target 3.45 million visitors (93.99%) because they did not meet the targeting criteria.

16% Higher Ecommerce Conversion Rate

During the observation period, untargeted users generated 0.44% of an ecommerce conversion rate, whereas Sortext targeted first-time visitors generated 1.70% (x3.9) of that. As a result, DIY-X's ecommerce conversion rate increased by 16% across all users, reaching 0.51%.

25% Higher Per Session Value

Similarly, while untargeted users' per session value remained at ₺3.30, Sortext targeted users generated ₺17.31, resulting in a per session value of ₺4.14 (+25%) for DIY-X across all users.

7% Higher Average Order Value

During the same period, while untargeted users' average order value (AOV) remained at ₺754, Sortext targeted first-time visitors who were offered personalized smart deals based on their spending power generated an AOV of ₺1021 (+35%). As a result, the average order value on DIY-X increased by 7% to ₺807 across all users.

+25% Additional Sales Revenue

Overall, within the first month of collaborating with DIY-X, Sortext generated 25% (₺3.8 million) more revenue, a 16% higher conversion rate, and a 7% higher average order value by targeting only 6.01% of all users.

(*) DIY-X is a code name that is used to replace the merchant's real brand name for reasons of confidentiality.

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