How Sortext Can Help You Boost Ecommerce Sales

Sales assistants have been practical components driving visitor conversion in conventional stores. Hence, in the ecommerce world, digital sales assistants have been created for the same purpose. One of them, Sortext, uses AI technology to increase conversions and revenue for ecommerce businesses.

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The Challenge in Ecommerce Industry

Across the ecommerce industry, the demand to increase visitor conversion is exceptionally high. This concern is greatly explainable since ecommerce sites host mass volumes of first-time visitors who are often not converted into customers. This lack of conversion leads to a wide gap in customer acquisition and a significant potential revenue loss.

Hence, ecommerce businesses are eager to employ diverse strategies to increase visitor conversion rates and sales revenue simultaneously. One of such strategies is adopting a digital sales assistant since the concept of a sales assistant has worked effectively in the conventional commercial space. For example, in recent academic research by North-West University, it's proven that the actions of a sales assistant strongly influence consumers' perceptions and drive their purchase decisions.

Adopting a Digital Sales Assistant

Digital sales assistants simulate the customer experience conventional sales assistants provide and help increase visitor conversion and sales revenues by providing a semblance of human interactions. Hence, as an ecommerce business, one of your primary sales strategies should be adopting a digital sales assistant to your web store.

Nevertheless, the decision on the service provider to settle with can be challenging. Undoubtedly, there are numerous ecommerce conversion solutions on the market. However, the quality of services, effectiveness, and affordability should primarily drive your decision, where Sortext ticks all three boxes.

Sortext utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence technology to drive first-time visitor conversion, significantly increasing average order values (+15%), conversion rates (+15%), and revenues (+20%) without extra investment. It equally provides a solely performance-based pricing model based on the additional revenues generated for your ecommerce business.

About Sortext

Sortext is an AI-based ecommerce conversion platform for first-time visitors. Sortext boosts the conversion of first-time visitors to your web store and thus significantly increases your average order values (+15%), conversion rates (+15%), and revenues (+20%) without technical change or additional investment!

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Here is how Sortext can help you boost first-time visitor conversion and sales revenues without technical change or investment in your web store!

Smart Sales Assistant

As a unique artificial intelligence based platform to convert first-time visitors into customers; Sortext functions as a smart sales assistant in your web store to convince abandoning first-time visitors to stay and complete their shopping by providing them limited-time personalized deals based on their spending power.

Thus, Sortext converts your first-time visitors at least 2X more into customers and provides you with outstanding ecommerce revenues without extra investment!

Personalized Deals

Sortext is the only tool to acquire first-time visitors' spending power as soon as they land on your web store. This specific data plays a significant role in generating personalized deals for each abandoning first-time visitor. Accordingly, for first-time visitors who mostly abandon their carts or leave the site without making a purchase, Sortext instantly offers limited-time personalized deals as per their spending power.

While this time limitation acts as a solid call to action for abandoning visitors, the personalized deals that are valid for purchases 20%-30% above each visitor's spending power serve as attractive financial incentives.

Studies have shown that web store visitors are more likely to purchase when offered personalized deals. These deals do not only increase the probability of purchase, but they equally boost brand loyalty and sales. Sortext has a proven track record of a +15% increase in overall conversion rates and a +20% increase in total sales revenues for most customers.

Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the center of online sales improvement. According to PwC, 81% of ecommerce businesses that prioritize customer experience have a higher visitor conversion and customer loyalty rate than their competitors, and 86% of online customers prefer to pay more for a personalized customer experience.

Essentially, the customer experience is crucial for your web store's competitiveness. In this manner, Sortext significantly improves your customer experience by providing limited-time personalized deals to each abandoning first-time visitor as per their spending power. Since each deal delivered to each visitor is valid for purchases just above that visitor's spending power, they are more likely to act and spend higher to benefit from the offer.

As a result, Sortext provides you with significantly increased average order values, conversion rates, and revenues without extra investment in your web store.

Reduced Costs

Sortext provides a 14-day free trial with no setup fees, fixed fees, or commitments for you. After the trial, if you require, you can freely use Sortext at any time with no fixed costs or obligations but only a fixed success commission based on the extra revenues generated through Sortext.

This flexible pricing model, solely based on performance, allows you to keep your costs at the barest minimum at all times while maintaining a solid extra revenue inflow from first-time visitors as long as you use Sortext on your web store.

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Sortext can help you convert more first-time visitors into customers and boost ecommerce revenues by +20% without additional investment!

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