Double first-time visitor conversion and enjoy acquiring new customers!

Sortext is an intelligent ecommerce conversion platform that perfectly fits with any web store through simple integration with Google Tag Manager. Sortext boosts the conversion of first-time visitors and thus provides outstanding ecommerce revenues without technical change or investment!

Easy to Integrate

Sortext is very easy to integrate, and it doesn’t require any IT efforts on your side. Our technical team integrates Sortext on your web store in just one day by adding a JavaScript workspace to your Google Tag Manager. Afterward, you can activate or inactivate the Sortext workspace and freely use Sortext at any time you require.

Fast and Effective

Sortext immediately goes live on your web store with limited-time smart deals specifically targeting abandoning first-time visitors as per their spending power. Thus, Sortext boosts the conversion of your first-time visitors and proves its value with significantly increased average order values (+15%), conversion rates (+15%), and revenues (+20%) in just a few days.

Easy to Monitor

You can easily monitor and measure Sortext’s contribution to your KPIs and revenues in real-time with simple integration with Google Analytics. Furthermore, you can combine the newly generated Sortext segment data with your existing analytics data to create further customized reports as per your needs, allowing you to analyze better and manage your visitor segments and resources.

Double first-time visitor conversion

Generate +15% higher average order values and conversion rates, and +20% more ecommerce revenues without additional investment!

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Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Using Sortext:

Never Miss a Visitor. Re-engage abandoning first-time visitors and convert them into paying customers with limited-time personalized smart deals as per their spending power.
Drive Customer Engagement. Deliver personalized and enjoyable experiences in real-time to drive first-time visitor engagement, conversion, and loyalty.
Improve Lifetime Value. Auto-optimize campaigns in real-time to build long-lasting experiences with first-time visitors and improve the lifetime value of customers.
Upsell & Cross-Sell Products. Target abandoning first-time visitors, upsell and cross-sell products with customized deals and product recommendations.
Lower Costs, Increase Efficiency. Lower customer acquisition costs, increase ad spend efficiency, and drive conversions across all sales channels.

Don't lose customers anymore

Re-engage abandoning first-time visitors with limited-time personalized deals and convert them into paying customers!

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