AI-Based Ecommerce Conversion Platform for First-Time Visitors!

Boost Ecommerce Revenue

Sortext is an AI-based ecommerce conversion platform for first-time visitors. Sortext boosts the conversion of first-time visitors to your web store and thus significantly increases your average order values (+15%), conversion rates (+15%), and revenues (+20%) without any technical change or additional investment.

Turn Visitors into Customers

Ecommerce's biggest challenge is converting first-time visitors into customers. Sortext's advanced artificial intelligence technology converts your first-time visitors at least 2X more into customers and provides you with outstanding ecommerce revenues without requiring any technical change or additional investment in your web store.

Gain Smart and Effortless

Sortext functions as a smart sales assistant in your web store, persuading abandoning first-time visitors to stay and complete their shopping, by providing them limited-time personalized deals based on their spending power. Sortext thus doubles the conversion of your first-time visitors into customers, and boosts your average order values (+15%), conversion rates (+15%), and revenues (+20%).

Here is how Sortext converts first-time visitors into customers and boosts your revenues by more than 20% in 5 steps!

Boost ecommerce revenue by +20% without technical change or additional investment!

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✅ Easy to Integrate

Sortext is very easy to integrate and it doesn’t require any IT efforts on your side. Our technical team integrates Sortext on your web store in just one day by adding a JavaScript workspace to your Google Tag Manager. Afterward, you can activate or inactivate the Sortext workspace and freely use Sortext at any time you require.

✅ Fast and Effective

Sortext immediately goes live on your web store with limited-time personalized smart deals, specifically targeting abandoning first-time visitors as per their spending power, and proves its value with significantly increased average order values (+15%), conversion rates (+15%), and revenues (+20%) in just a few days.

✅ Easy to Monitor

You can easily monitor Sortext’s contribution to your key performance indicators and revenues in real-time with simple integration with Google Analytics. Furthermore, you can combine the newly generated Sortext segment data with your existing analytics data to create customized reports as per your needs.

✅ 14-Day Free Trial

Sortext offers a 14-day free trial for you to experience and validate the increase in your key performance indicators and revenues without any obligations. After the trial period, you can freely choose whether or not to continue using Sortext.

✅ Performance-Based Pricing

Sortext provides you with a flexible pricing model based solely on performance. After the trial period, you can use Sortext at any time with no fixed costs or obligations, but only a success commission based on the additional revenues generated by Sortext.

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